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Are you a current player, and want to reminisce about your game history so far? Do you still remember [community profile] entranceway's livejournal days, and want to share your stories? Did you play here a while ago, and are sad that it didn't quite work out? Do you really want to say hello to an old game, but don't feel like joining the IC aspect for whatever reason? Then this is just the place for you!

No matter how, when, or for how long, if [community profile] entranceway is, was, or might ever be part of your life, then the OOC MINGLE MEME invites you to drop in and say hello! There is no posting structure, and no rules except to be courteous, and play nice with each other. Just comment to this post, and share your stories, your experiences, characters you have or do or want to play, and absolutely everything and anything that connects you to [community profile] entranceway!

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[personal profile] losers_day 2016-09-01 06:48 am (UTC)(link)
Oh my god, where do I even start...

So, I joined Eway in November 2006, with Fai D. Flowright from Tsubasa. I played here as a player for two years and I just fell in love with this game. Everyone was always really kind and wonderful to me during a really unstable time in my life (I was a senior in high school when I joined). I always felt really welcome and at home here, and everyone who played here at the time made me feel welcome.

Things slowed down a little in 2008, and that fall I was asked to become a moderator. I wanted this game to last and I wanted to do what I could to help, so I agreed, even though I'd previously told everyone I knew I would never, ever mod a game again. I quit all my other games and devoted all my RP time to Entraceway. That was eight years ago now, and I've been a one-game person ever since. We almost died that year, but after some structural changes (like allowing the Mirrors to be used whenever people wanted), FAQ rewrites, and advertising we were as strong as ever.

We've cycled through many many many players and mods since then, but in the last five years or so I've really noticed that people stay longer and longer than ever before. We have characters that have been in the game five years or more, and players that have been around even longer. And you'd think that would be a recipe for cliquey-ness, but we've been so lucky over the years. We've always attracted the kind of players who are looking for a comfortable, welcoming place to play and who try to make it feel that way for others. I've heard people say we're considered a good game for people brand new to this type of RP and I honestly think that's the best reputation we could possibly have. I can count on one hand the amount of significant drama we've had, and the majority of it happened so long ago it was on LJ. This game means the world to me and has gotten me through difficult periods in my life. I've met some of my best friends here.

I have more feelings than I could POSSIBLY express in one comment, but I just wanted to take the time to say that I am so overwhelmingly grateful to EVERYONE who has made this game what it is. To everyone who's every passed through and given us a chance, to everyone who's stayed and settled in and made this game their home, and to anyone who has ever modded with me and helped me bring our ideas to light to create something REALLY special and amazing - thank you. Thank you SO much. We really couldn't have gotten this far without you, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you. ♥

- Koji

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Never forget the broom closet, Koji.

Never forget.

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haha wow so ive been in and out of this game off and on since about... february 2007, when i first joined with martel from tales of symphonia. i guess i always find myself coming back to this game and now i have difficulty playing anywhere else. theres just something about the atmosphere here that makes it feel truly like home, like a real home game should i guess, haha. its the players, i think. eway attracts a certain type of person that is welcoming and open to all kinds of people. i get along with everyone here, and i feel like i kind of know everyone. maybe that comes with joining and rejoining this game so many times since nine freaking years ago, i dunno haha.

ive made some friends ive known now for a large chunk of my life. this game seriously got me through some dark points in my life. ive grown a lot as a person since ive been here, but everyone has always accepted me even at my jerkiest haha. i cant believe this game is 10 now. im looking forward to seeing if anyone ive played with in the past will come back for this event, gosh. this game is so long running for a reason you guys. im so glad to be on this ride with all of you, old and new.


and, since koji did it...

formerly: god lets see if i can remember even half of them. this wont be in order i cant manage that.
DURING LJ TIMES: martel yggdrasill (tales of symphonia), ema skye (ace attorney), grune (tales of legendia), adachi tohru (persona 4), madotsuki (yume nikki), angela orosco (silent hill 2), nia teppelin (tengen toppa gurren lagann), poland (axis powers hetalia), switzerland (axis powers hetalia), dave strider (homestuck), arakune (blazblue), road camelot (d.gray-man), denzel (final fantasy vii), river tam ([the first time] firefly), daisy buchanan (the great gatsby), rue (princess tutu), kyoyama anna (shaman king)
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Re: javid

[personal profile] charlastan 2016-09-01 09:02 pm (UTC)(link)
I always love when you swing by tbh. It always FEELS like you've come home after a long time away. There's a small core of people who come and go but I never worry that I'll never see them again. You, Rema, Kite, sometimes Charlie. It's always like "oh hey, welcome back, pull up a chair and thread with me. how's your life been??".

HOWEVER I ALSO REMEMBER I BARELY GOT TO PLAY WITH YOU UNTIL WE HAD A COUPLE CASTS and even that was kind of brief even though we were the actual best Hetalia cast ever (and Rue HOW COULD I FORGET RUE our tiny Princess Tutu cast) but I always wanted to? LOOK AT THOSE CHARACTERS THEY'RE ALL SO COOL. But man, the last couple times you've been here we've had SO much CR and I'm so glad! I'VE HAD SO MANY GREAT THREADS WITH YOU IN THE LAST YEAR. You're so much fun to play with and it's always worth the wait for you to come back to us. It's so good to have you around, good to have you on this ride with us. ♥
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[personal profile] determinedest 2016-09-01 07:39 am (UTC)(link)
oh boy. in stunning contrast to the first two, I've only been here since January of this year. but i can safely say that in that time period this has been one of the most amazing games i've ever been in. it's such a lovely and welcoming environment and i love it a lot, its mods and its playerbase. y'all are fantastic.

hit me with all your fourth wall shenanigans. i love all of it

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Re: zero

[personal profile] charlastan 2016-09-01 11:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey, in just a few months you'll have been here a whole YEAR! It's been so great having you here. YOU are fantastic, and thus an excellent fit for this place. Your characters are all wonderful and your tags are well-thought out - I always catch myself being tempted to boomerang them and sometimes I cave because the threads are so good.

Anyway, I'm so glad you're around. RPing with you makes my day and I'm so excited for Stan to be honorary grunkle to Frisk. ♥

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Lavvy (aka Kite)

[personal profile] triedged 2016-09-01 08:58 am (UTC)(link)

I first joined back in October 2007 with Azure Kite on a whim to join a cast that dissolved pretty quickly, and somehow ended up sticking around for 3(?) years before leaving for other games. Except not really, because I came back like... two or three more times after that. And I maybe still stalk you guys a little. And maybe I might have most of an app sitting around...

I've been in and out of the game a few times now, but eway was my first real venture into LJRP, so it will forever hold a dear and special place in my heart. Same goes for all the wonderful folks I've met here. We've drifted in and out of eachother's online lives over the years, but every time I run into someone again it still feels like it was just yesterday we were playing and chatting together and crafting elaborate fake games to troll RPSecrets with. I never could've expected eway would stick with me the way it did, or that a decade after it's creation it'd still be kicking around with that same warm and welcoming environment it always had. I haven't even been in the game in years and it's still high on my recommendation list whenever folks in my RPcircles are looking for games.

idk what else to say besides holy shit going down my archive of apps and looking at all the old characters I used to play, why are there so many I barely even remember some of these...

Formerly: Azure Kite (.hack//G.U.), Sakisaka (.hack//Roots), Sasha Nein (Psychonauts), Sora (.hack//SIGN), Violet Baudelaire (A Series Of Unfortunate Events), Palette (Graffiti Kingdom), Nayru (The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages), Flay Gunnar (Mana Khemia), Cornelius (Odin Sphere), Ash (Phantom Brave), Oswald (Odin Sphere), Seccom Masada-sensei (Yume Nikki), Vaati (The Legend of Zelda: the Minish Cap), Razeluxe Meitzen (Mana Khemia 2), Niea/"Bunny" (Trickster Online), Terriermon (Digimon Tamers), Jack "how and why the fuck did I actually app an example character from a nWoD infobook?????? was that some kind of personal challenge, like 'how obscure can I go before it stops being an appable canon character?' was seccom masada not extreme enough??" Tallow (Changeling: the Lost), Aradia Megido (Homestuck), Elsword (Elsword Online)
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Re: Lavvy (aka Kite)

[personal profile] charlastan 2016-09-02 12:59 am (UTC)(link)
Oh my gosh I was wondering when someone would mention the glorious City of One Loo. Our legacy.

Kite, some of my fondest RP memories are from your first time here, and I'm always SUPER glad to see you. You're probably one of the first people I played with where medium divide really, truly was never a problem. You had all these obscure video game characters but were always quick to come get CR with me. And we had some AMAZING CR - we had the first ever Mirror/Real Thing ship in game canon with Mirror Fakir and Palette! And god, Palette with Faker the real Fakir was just...what CR dreams are made of. AND OSWALD AND JAMES, AND FLAY and god you always play such amazing characters. You're incredible at giving voice to obscure characters WHICH IS WHY YOU'VE GOTTEN AWAY WITH APPING SOME OF THE CHARACTERS YOU HAVE - our policy has always been "write us an app and see if you can make it work" and you always, always make it work.

On top of that though, you've put in some of the best, most creative events we've EVER gotten in this game, and I remember there was a time when we had a steady supply of events from you. I miss that; your events were always great and complicated and wonderful. Not everyone instinctively gets what's going to work or what won't, but we never usually wind up having to tweak yours.

I MISS YOU WHEN YOU'RE NOT HERE AND I'M ALWAYS GLAD WHEN YOU SWING BY. You're definitely someone who's really helped make this game what it is today, and I'm so happy you're around for the Fourth Wall. ♥

Re: Lavvy (aka Kite)

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[personal profile] mypartnerintime 2016-09-01 01:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Mimicking what Koji said, holy cow this is a great place to start RPing. One day, as I randomly searched for Coraline Jones stuff online (circa 2009), I ran into a Coraline character here at Eway. My initial reaction was sort of, "WOW what is happening here," because Coraline was talking and doing things and people were replying. Roleplay was an extremely obscure concept to me at the time, and it took ages to figure out exactly how everything worked. I'll never forget that magical first moment seeing this character I love come to life.

So I was completely new, had not a single friend to teach me, and Eway just ran with it. I didn't know about OOC plotting, I didn't have AIM, I didn't even put up an OOC intro post. I'm sure I did things that had people raising eyebrows. But I NEVER felt unwelcome or discouraged, and pretty soon people had shown me the ropes. Eway people.

When I decided to RP again after a long hiatus, I looked around at a lot of games- and it was still Eway that I joined. I think this really is the best game for me, and I was just lucky enough to find it on my first try!

Talking from the opposite side of the world gets in the way sometimes and I'm awkward as heck online, but- all I want to say is, it's definitely the mods and the players that make this game. Thank you all for being a big chunk of my life, though we've never even seen each other! Especially because, to this day, even though I hardly ever talk OOC to you guys, you've never pushed me away.

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[personal profile] doorkey 2016-09-01 05:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh wow! Hello again, Helena-player! Long ago that was me! I'm so glad that I helped you find your way to Wonderland.

(The LJ journal was [ profile] exploring_game then, I've obviously swapped it up a bit on Dreamwidth)

I'll be around for the 4th wall reunion parties, with Eway memories, so hopefully we'll be able to bump shoulders again.

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Re: Julio

[personal profile] charlastan - 2016-09-02 04:53 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Julio

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[personal profile] goodwoofjames 2016-09-01 01:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Entranceway wasn't my first LJRP game, but it's certainly been the best. I've been here since Christmas 2010 when I apped into the Glee cast with Shannon Beiste, who I kept around until May 16th 2015. I can't say that I was always 100% active over these six years (wowowow) thanks to school and my confidence flagging, but I've never fully left. This place feels like home, as do the mods and veterans who've stuck around or kept coming back.

As you'll see when I list all my characters that I've had here, my favorite thing about this place is its ability to absorb and integrate even totally obscure characters, or characters who would likely flounder anywhere else. That, and the fact that people are so so understanding about how life can get in the way and how your happiness as a person should come before this hobby have made this a place I can't imagine leaving.

I'm totally open to call kinds of fourth wall interactions during this event, and if you want to see someone make a comeback or leap out of my muselist, please let me know!

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Re: Kelsey

[personal profile] charlastan 2016-09-02 05:33 am (UTC)(link)

I can't believe we've known each other for six years and pretty much stayed in constant contact. You're one of the closest RP friends I have and I wouldn't have met you without eway, since I was messing around with Kurt and Mellenkurt on dear_mun.

I'm so happy you've stuck around, even through the times when it's been hard. We've had so many great bits of CR over the years that I could never replicate, and it's so weird to me now that we're canonmates because we haven't been since I dropped Kurt, and I mostly associated you with great cross-canon CR. But your Greg was worth the wait and you know how fussy I am about Sirius and James CR. I adore your Sirius and he and James have perfect chemistry, which is exactly how it should be.

You've been a wonderful friend to me for years and years and years. Thank you so much for being here. ♥
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[personal profile] uncalendula 2016-09-01 01:46 pm (UTC)(link)
It's seriously unbelievable how long I've been in this game, holy crap, like...almost seven years now.

Eway was actually My Very First Game, introduced by a college friend, back when it was on livejournal, and I haven't strayed far from home save for a little meandering now and then because the atmosphere has always been so welcoming, the people have always been communicative, and the mod team responsive -- I've grown up with them, for goodness' sake!

It's never been clique-y and even when playing Lone Canon Warriors I've never had an issue feeling alienated, or getting CR. People are open and excited and generally so chill with learning about new canons, becoming interested in them, being enabled into them. The culture here is a little family of its own, and when we made the jump from lj to dw it was hard, but everyone largely stuck together for it. We were that determined.

Eway helped me improve my drawing (lmao back in the recesses of my tumblr), got me connected to a lot of phenomenal people, and gave me amazing friends in exciting places. 10/10, would recommend.

♥ Alex

Formerly: Dean Winchester (Supernatural), Captain Shakespeare (Stardust), Tulio (The Road to El Dorado), Booker DeWitt (BioShock Infinite), Athos (The Three Musketeers), Ned the Pie Maker (Pushing Daisies), Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)
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[personal profile] chloroformedthejanitor 2016-09-01 05:45 pm (UTC)(link)
dean ;____;

athos ;_________________;

ALEX ;_________________________________;

Re: Alex!

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[personal profile] assembles 2016-09-01 03:28 pm (UTC)(link)
OH MAN, EWAY. This game has been my home for a while now. Not as long as some, but it looks like I first joined it back in April of 2013! Even back then, it was a game that had been around for a while, and I basically joined on a whim because some of my friends were joining. I honestly didn't know if it would turn into anything, since I'd had a hard time finding a game that stuck at that point.

But it turned out wonderfully, as everyone in the game was so friendly, and a whole host of new players came in around the same time as I did. Honestly, the atmosphere of this game has always been so warm and so welcoming, and I have watched the mods carry out their duties for over three years while making it look effortless, even though I know it isn't!

The runs I've had with the characters I play here, the CR I've cultivated and the friends I've made, are things I wouldn't give up for the world. My only real regret is that I can't play more characters here because my life has gotten progressively busier since I've joined, but it's a game that I wouldn't leave unless I was dragged kicking and screaming.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the game, whether you're a mod or a player, for making it feel so much like home. I can't wait to see what the 10th year anniversary has in store for us!

Formerly: Martha Jones (Doctor Who), Castiel (Supernatural)
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Re: court

[personal profile] charlastan 2016-09-03 01:20 am (UTC)(link)
Oh gosh that's right you were in that RANDOM WAVE OF LIKE 40 PEOPLE we got in 2013. It was like, 20 apps one week and 20 the next and I've never seen that many apps come through at once ever. It was a nightmare on a mod level.

HOWEVER we got so many AMAZING people in that wave that I have zero regrets about it. Court, we've had such great CR over the years. Martha and James were so unexpected and wonderful, and I still like thinking about some AU where everything is fine and Marta meets him as an adult at home somehow. Your threads are always so detailed that they're like reading little novels, and I love when I can be a part of that with you! I need CR with Steve again so that we can have more threads, but until then I have fun reading your stuff. And Martha's the main reason we still have a clinic at all! You made a Wonderland institution and you should feel good about that!

I'm so glad you've stayed all this time. Three years is a LONG time to be in an RP, and I'm happy you like us enough to stick around! ♥

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[personal profile] ofletters 2016-09-01 04:58 pm (UTC)(link)
cries tears about all this tbh

EWAY has always been my "home game." I was here with Sam (albeit a different journal) from May-November 2012. Then, for SOME wrongful reason, I left... and came back in I think May of 2013 with a different Sam. Couldn't stay away!

Since then, I've been here with a number of characters, though consistently with Sam. I'm just realizing that I've never been here WITHOUT Sam, so that adds to my Emotions. He's a strong and an older muse and this may have been his first game; at the very least, he's tied in forever to this place.

I always compare other games to eway. It's my favorite game with incredible players and superb mods. I've made such great friends here and have had fantastic threads from the hilarious to the heartbreaking. It wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of our mods and the talents of my fellow players, so thank you all for the memories. I'm beyond excited for the 10th birthday party event and for everything else to come!

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Re: kai

[personal profile] singloversing 2016-09-03 02:46 am (UTC)(link)
That's how I feel when I think about my eway stay, because there have only been very short stretches (comparatively) where I wasn't playing James.

I'm so glad you came back to us! I've always loved your takes on your characters, and I remember for the LONGEST time wanting CR with Sam because James and Dean were so close, but the stars just never aligned the right way for he longest time. I'm so glad they're starting to talk more though. Sam's been around long enough that James feels like he can get to know him without wondering if he's going to vanish at any moment like a certain brother of his. And Ellie and Wirt are so cute too! +-+

Basically I'm just really happy you're around, and that I get to play with you. You're a wonderful writer and it was worth the wait. Thank YOU, and I'm glad you're excited for the fourth wall shenanigans. ♥
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[personal profile] uncaging 2016-09-01 05:10 pm (UTC)(link)
I've only been in Eway for a little over six months, but in that time it has firmly become my home game. I kept almost joining for a good couple of years, mostly due to seeing links on Kai's plurk and liking what a relaxed, friendly environment it seemed, but I was always a little too reticent to make the leap because, somewhat ironically, I actually really hate Alice in Wonderland (it still amuses me that I've gelled so well in a game based on that source material). I'm so glad that I finally took the plunge because everyone here has been incredibly welcoming to me. I'd never have thought the game was approaching 10 years old when I joined because it still feels very fresh and hasn't stagnated at all. I feel so lucky that I've found such a laid back, friendly environment to RP in.

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Re: hannah

[personal profile] charlastan 2016-09-03 10:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh my gosh we should talk about that some day, because I am the pickiest about Alice in Wonderland stuff and actually hate like, 90% of other people's takes on it. I went to that first live action Disney one with Johnny Depp and I hated it so much I almost walked out. It has to be done just right or it's terrible.

That being said, I'm glad you gave us a chance and tried us out anyway! It's been a lot of fun having you in game, and I like the weird little CR that Elizabeth and Stan have been getting! They're not two characters I would have ever thought would bounce well off each other, but I'm glad that Ford met her so that Stan's had an excuse to talk to her. And I still need to have a character get to know Arya!

Man, has it really only been six months though? It already feels like you've been here so much longer! I'm happy you think of us as your home game now - you were definitely worth the wait.
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[personal profile] intelligently 2016-09-01 05:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Eway has become the game I've been in the longest and I am very shocked at thinking how long I've been here!! I first joined in August 2013 but was only here for about a month?? before I dropped because life. I kept browsing things that were linked and absolutely missed the game so I ended up coming back in October for the Halloween event and it just stuck!!

Everyone is absolutely friendly and it's made me really enjoy being here. Any time I've had troubles with a character arc or motivations people have always been there to help and it's been the friendliest and best experience I've felt in a game, and there's so many people here that I treasure and am glad that I know!!

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Re: kerry.

[personal profile] breakthecurse 2016-09-04 12:28 am (UTC)(link)
KERRY!! Kerry, I've loved having you here, and I miss having characters who have strong CR with yours. Lydia's getting up there in Wonder-years though, and it's so neat having this tiny base of characters who've all been around for a really, really long time, especially in a hobby where characters tend to cycle out quickly.

You're a really great person too, and wonderful to talk to. I love that whenever insomnia strikes me, you're one of the people who's right there when it's 6 in the morning in my timezone. You're fun to talk to! I'm so glad you came here, and that you've stuck around for so long! ♥

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everyonecanbekind: (we can be ; more than dreamers)


[personal profile] everyonecanbekind 2016-09-01 05:35 pm (UTC)(link)

My name is Squish and I've been here in Eway since February-- it was really a last minute decision to get back into online roleplaying, but before a couple years of hiatus, I was bigtime into the RP scene. I had heard of Eway, but never joined.

I joined and I was completely overwhelmed by all the loving, kindhearted people who play here. I've never felt more accepted anywhere in my roleplaying career, nor have I ever roleplayed with as many extremely talented and amazing players anywhere else. It's been amazing!!

Life is a little crazy sometimes! But I'm more excited than ever to be here and be apart of something as majestic and awesome as a ten year anniversary, LIKE??? THIS IS AMAZING IN EVERY WAY AND I AM SO HONORED TO BE HERE.

If you're looking to work your way back into roleplaying and need some kind words and love, Eway is definitely, without a doubtedly, one hundred percentedly the best place to go. I'm looking forward to moving forward and seeing what happens!!

Formerly: Gideon Gleeful ([personal profile] liloldme)
Currently: Papyrus ([personal profile] everyonecanbekind)
Found at: [ profile] squishv4, aim @ overwhalemingly, [ profile] crazytrustexersises, and [community profile] nijiirobasude !! ♥
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charlastan: Razzle Dazzle - Chicago (And they'll beg you for more)

Re: squish!

[personal profile] charlastan 2016-09-11 01:53 am (UTC)(link)

No, really. I know we all go on about how cute you are, but you're just...kind and considerate, and I love when you make plurks designed to make people feel good. Love radiates out from you wherever you go and I'm so glad to know you. And ON TOP OF THAT you're such a great RPer! I really, REALLY need to get CR with you again.

What I'm getting at is that we're honored to HAVE you here. I'm so happy you found your way to us, and that you like us as much as you do. You're the kind of person who brightens any room they walk into, and I'm really glad to have you around!
doorkey: (Wonderful World)

Kelly / magicnme / Puli

[personal profile] doorkey 2016-09-01 05:51 pm (UTC)(link)
... okay, so I've swapped handles around a bit.
Friend me at: [ profile] magicnme

WOW! A Very Merry 10th Birthday to you, Entranceway!

I was one of the older "second wave" players here, joining back in March/April 2008 when we were still kickin' around on livejournal. I was rping in Discedo at the time, and quickly realized how much overlap the starting playerbase had with Eway. I lurked around for a couple of months, invited to the AIM chatroom by a great gang of mutual friends, before I finally joined with Replica Riku [ profile] madeinoblivion from Kingdom Hearts (Who Namine proceeded to rename 'Arland', which means 'Pledge'.) I remember a lot of zaniness and brainstorming in chat and on Skype- it became a very comfortable place to hang out and get through a tough season of my early post-college years. I was friendly with most of the 2nd gen mods, and I remember loosely plotting out how a chess match event might be run over a Christmas date night with my girlfriend Kal, way back in the day.

The first mansion event I popped in on was the Silent Hill UFO ending event! Which proceeded to set the tone for an abundance of really fun and unusual happenings around the mansion. This game has always had such a good mix of fun and tearjerking events, and plenty of opportunities for shennanigans. Some of Arland's stand out moments were causing havoc with flinging the contents of Beast Boy, Linda and Kite's underwear drawer at the chandliers, having an awkward father-son relationship with Vexen, and making a promise to bake treacle treats for the dormouse every Tuesday. (Which, if I'm remember correctly, also had a ton to do with establishing one of the early mirrorverse plots.)

In early 2009 I added Coraline Jones [profile] exploring_game to my roster, and she was a great inquisitive addition to the mansion, from becoming an honorary Gryffindor (and Weasley, despite the blue hair) to becoming the object of Mirror!Fakir's authorial interests as a plucky protagonist. I loved having an Other Father to play with, and feeling so included by the Marble Hornets cast in creepy things happening in the woods.

I also played Yzma from Emperor's New Groove ([ profile] wrong_lever), because what could be more well suited for Eway's sillier antics than a cranky old bat who sounds like Eartha Kitt? She enjoying shooing rowdy kids out of the hall, had many failed attempts at flirting with the Winchesters, and was generally a scary-beyond-all-reason sight in her bathrobe with cucs on her eyes.

I've ducked in and out to play here a few more times, always welcomed warmly even when I couldn't quite keep up with the growing pace.... I had a brief stint with Demyx [personal profile] sitarslacker & more recently Jacuzzi Splot [personal profile] crybabybootleg from Baccano for a few months, circa 2012ish.

I hope to bring these familiar faces back around for the 4th wall, and possibly rejoin if I feel like I can wrestle some character back into my bones- I've missed this place a lot and it always brings me back.

Eventually, modding committments at Siren's Pull did drag me away from Eway, but I have been watching you grow fondly from not-very-far, and have always played sidelines cheerleader to Koji's efforts at keeping the mansion on the rails all these years. You all are SO, so lucky to have such a dedicated and cheerful headmod who pours so much energy, patience and love into this place. NO game makes it this far without clearheaded guidance, sticking to concept without going stale, encouraging a slew of player-supported events and maintaining an infection enthusiasm even when the numbers are down. You are the kind of heartfelt leadership that every creative world needs behind it to thrive, Koji ♥
Edited 2016-09-01 17:58 (UTC)
keyofflowers: ({ 007)

[personal profile] keyofflowers 2016-09-02 09:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Legit Arland and Namine's CR with Kairi was some of my favorite ever. /lies here

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[personal profile] madeinoblivion - 2016-09-02 22:18 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] keyofflowers - 2016-09-02 22:22 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] madeinoblivion - 2016-09-02 22:25 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] strangeboy 2016-09-01 06:25 pm (UTC)(link)

i'm jessi, and though I no longer play at EWAY, I just have to pop in and say that I LOVE IT AHHH!! It was my first game after a looooong break and the only one I managed to stay active in for any sort of time. Around 1-2 years, I think? I'm not sure. Bad memory.

Anyway, I played mainly D'Art (this guy!!!) from the 2011 version of the Three Musketeers and Annie Edison from Community ([personal profile] chloroformedthejanitor). For a brief time I played Katniss! ([personal profile] symbolised) and I think...they were the main ones? I might be forgetting other people. Oops. ANYWAY!

I'm on plurk at [ profile] jessimond and I LOVE Y'ALL I MISS Y'ALL COME PLAY AND TALK W ME!!!!
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[personal profile] forwearemany 2016-09-01 07:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi! I'm Shiny. I haven't been here very long at all (less than a month, I'm pretty sure), but I already love it. I've wanted to join this place for years, but a combination of nervousness and being unsure whether I'd actually stick with it kept me from doing so until finally I apped Legion.

I'm really glad I did. I'm fairly certain I'll be staying here for a while.

Formerly: No one!
Currently: Legion
Contact: [ profile] forwearemany
sciencelizard: (« [Blush] Awww guys)


[personal profile] sciencelizard 2016-09-01 10:20 pm (UTC)(link)
oh man I can't believe eway is turning 10?? I remember when Koji took over modding I had talked about applying but the game had never sat with me well in my early RPing days; I was really active at a ton of other places (mostly notably modding at Discedo and playing 4 characters over there, I was best known for Namine [[ profile] dustedsunlight] so I just watched from afar and laughed at cast shenanigans and memes. Eway was like my odd sibling game that I just heard a bunch about as it went along and always kinda wished I could find my place. I had small stints with Estonia from Hetalia and Rose Lalonde from Homestuck but I fell out of rp for like... years after that (this was somewhere in 2012/2013ish? at the end of my last rp career.) I had made plans to come back but never really did, but Eway was still on my browser bookmarks and I found it again early this year and thought "Oh... I wonder how they're doing? Oh, dang, they have an Undertale cast... and not the character I'd think about playing... maybe I should message Koji, see what's up. Yeah. Just a message."

I have never been so happy about anything in my life, like, ever. Everyone I've met here has been amazing and I'm finally glad to have found my place here after so many fits and starts. I wanna stick around a long time!! ♥♥

Formerly: Estonia ([ profile] threelionarms) from Hetalia and Rose Lalonde ([ profile] seerofsarcasm) from Homestuck! I think I also had an app written for Jade Harley under the username [personal profile] prospitprophet but I don't think I actually apped.
Currently: Alphys ([personal profile] sciencelizard) from Undertale, and Commander Shepard ([personal profile] normandysbest) from Mass Effect!
Contact: [ profile] cancerously, [ profile] cancerously, and [ profile] _cancerously! As u can see I have a naming pattern lmao
madeinoblivion: (Namine- Promise)

Re: alex!!!

[personal profile] madeinoblivion 2016-09-02 10:21 pm (UTC)(link)
'lo Alex, just popping in to say I miss our Disco days at House Gohl like woah.

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[personal profile] sciencelizard - 2016-09-02 22:29 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] madeinoblivion - 2016-09-02 22:31 (UTC) - Expand

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coverme: (pic#9810987)


[personal profile] coverme 2016-09-01 11:55 pm (UTC)(link)
hello everyone! i'm so excited to keep coming back to this mingle to see all the people, new and old, who show up!!

anyway!! i'm grey and i haven't been in eway nearly as long as a lot of the people here. i first joined way back in august of 2013 because i thought the game sounded really interesting and i'd heard a lot of good things about it. i think it took me a little time to get settled back then because i was a LCW from a series that not a lot of people in game at the time were very familiar with, but i found my stride and started talking oocly with people more and... man, i don't know, i just started falling in love. everyone was and continues to be so damn friendly here and i really love that so much. as i started bringing in a couple more characters, i considered eway my home game.

i was in game for a couple months over a year with agent washington, the character i apped in with initially, but i think it was about october 2014 that i kind of just... disappeared off of the rp radar altogether. i didn't even drop, just kind of left. real life got to me, i guess--i can't remember exactly how or why it happened, but i wasn't in a great place as i recall.

but then!! in november of 2015 (so not quite a year ago yet, but surprisingly close already???) i started thinking about getting back into dwrp because i missed it so much. i was taking it slow, easing my way back in, checking out the games out there and what had changed, and oh my gosh, when i saw eway was still around and strong as ever? i didn't even have to question it. it was the first game i apped into after my long hiatus and i'm so, so glad that i did because i missed it so much and i've been having even more fun here this time around than in my first go of things, which is honestly saying a lot!

honestly, just. this game is fantastic and unlike any other that i've ever played in. it's the only one i've stuck around in for so long and held characters in consistently with. all of the players i've run into are so fantastic, the mods are amazing and lovely people, the player AND mod plots continue to be fun and engaging and unique and aaaggghhhh... i could wax poetic about how much i love everyone in this bar for hours, honestly. thanks eway, you've gotten me through rough times in my life, i've made some good friends, and i've had so many fun times here and look forward to everything to come in the future. <3

formerly: Agent Washington (Red vs. Blue, [personal profile] notthesecondworstfighter), Samandriel (Supernatural, [personal profile] heavensmostadorable), Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (HTTYD 2, [personal profile] dragesjef), Kyubey (PMMM, [personal profile] creatingcontracts), Selina Kyle (Gotham, [personal profile] littlestreetcat)
currently: Agent Carolina (Red vs. Blue, [personal profile] coverme), Will Graham (Hannibal, [personal profile] grahamalytical), Takashi Shirogane (Voltron: Legendary Defender, [personal profile] actualdad)
contact: [ profile] notcrazyokay (anyone is always free to add me!)
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[personal profile] plutonicideals 2016-09-02 04:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi! I'm Debs, and I've only been in the game for a couple of months at this point (despite always knowing it existed, this game has been around for longer than I've been doing this kind of RP!) and while I don't have a long history of characters, I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far because everyone's been so great! I'm glad I got pulled here, and I'm glad I get to be around for the tenth anniversary.

formerly: no one :B
currently: Riley Matthews (Girl Meets World, [personal profile] plutonicideals)
contact: [ profile] kyuupin (FEEL FREE TO ADD ME)
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[personal profile] yourfuckingmuse 2016-09-02 07:24 pm (UTC)(link)
OH BOY, OKAY. Y'all are getting the long version, so buckle up! I'll mark you the proper paragraph, so you can skip ahead though.

So I used to RP years before eway, but that was on German message boards, mostly with original characters. During my time on LJ I crossed paths with the RPing community every once in a while and I was always like THIS IS SO COOL OH MY GOD and I felt like staring through a glass window into an awesome party house, while having no idea where the door was. I had no idea how to get into anything or who to ask about it. I halfheartedly made two or three attempts at figuring out on my own, but it very quickly ended with me going AAAAaaaaAaAaAAAA?!?!?!? and stopping again.

CUE THE YEAR 2010. Remember anon kink memes, the story writing kind? I was taking part in lots of those, most notably the ~BIOSHOCK KINK MEME~. So one day this kink meme got an anon meme added to its community, and one day people on this anon meme suddenly started roleplaying on it. Of course I was immediately AAAAaaaaAaAaAAAA?!?!?!? again, but I very VERY badly wanted to be part of it. So I made a Dr. Sofia Lamb account. And I got to be part of it. And [ several paragraphs of underwater pornography, depictions of sentient security drones, questionable business practices, and malevolent ferrets omitted ]. AND I MET SO MANY AMAZING PEOPLE, many of which were actually roleplaying for serious in serious(ish) games.

And one day I was like "Hey guys, so if I wanted to join a Proper roleplaying game, one that preferably will not eat me alive for being fresh meat, and where I can roleplay For Serious but still don't have to rule out the possibility of maybe one day having a character create an immortality elixir from porcupine hormones?" And they were like: "WELL--" and they gave me ideas and I was like "OH MY GOD THIS SOUNDS PERFECT!"


....but they rejected my app so I was like "...Meh, I guess that one looks okay too."


That was May 2010. I started out with Dr. Sofia Lamb from Bioshock, as part of the cast I already knew, and I think it was already by the end of that year that I had five characters in the game, because it just made all of my Fun and Accessible newbie dreams come true.

Like, something I've always appreciated intensely about the setting is how much of yourself you can bring to it, you can really shape your own experience here, and the tone and genre is what you make of it (yes it says so in the ad I put that there I stand by it those are the words), which for me is one of the big reasons why it's worth sticking around for so long.

Back when I joined I used to still be a university student too, and with irregular classes and timezones being what they are I just had the terribest fun staying up all night chatting and RPing with people.

I also at some point started doing the game's ATP and tossed together a new layout for the communities, and at some point later (in June 2013) S O M E B O D Y (not naming names, but it was Koji, it is all her fault) encouraged me to app for the latest mod position AND SO I DID and here we are. (I used to mod LJ communities and RP message boards before and actually really enjoyed doing it again, I am thinking I might quite possibly be one of the few weird mutations who really love modwork)

My big thing is that I have a really hard time staying in one place for long, not just in roleplaying, but in terms of online communities in general. I used to switch out my nickname and whole circle of acquaintances every three years or so, and I'm kind of amazed that that impulse hasn't been able to win out against entranceway so far.

Mostly because I think I see how much fun people are having at this game, and how happy it makes them, both in terms of what they can do IC and how they connect with each other OOC, and it's just really nice to be able to help with that even a little.

I currently play Philip (Penumbra) and Cullen Rutherford (Dragon Age)
My past characters are Sofia Lamb (Bioshock), Dr. Bhamba (Better Off Ted), Elle Driver (Kill Bill), Frederica Sawyer (Black Lagoon), Lord Buckingham (The Three Musketeers), and Aveline Vallen (Dragon Age).
My contact post, if you want it.
mypartnerintime: (Better than I remembered)

Re: Mouette

[personal profile] mypartnerintime 2016-09-03 02:14 am (UTC)(link)
omg wait I didn't realize when you applied with Lamb that you were new lksjb;jaslkmf

And now look at you, you're a mod helping drive this game forward! You've come so far! :o

I am going to bet that you'll be with Eway for much longer still. Thanks for putting up with all of us crazies lol

(I was here when Philip still had a voice and... another voice!)

....That's your Philip, right? lol

Re: Mouette

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keyofflowers: ({ 007)


[personal profile] keyofflowers 2016-09-02 09:50 pm (UTC)(link)
OH HI EWAY. I'm so super bad at these but I'll try to remember my good ol' Eway history.

I first joined a looong time ago because I wanted a place to play a new muse. It was like... the rp advertisement section of RP Secrets or something??? One of those things where I saw an ad for Eway and I was so intrigued I asked about it. The Sora at the time was super sweet and encouraged me to app. So I did! And it was literally the best decision I ever made. Going off of my Kairi LJ journal that must've been early 2009, since the journal is dated for December 24th, 2008.

Originally, I was here with Kairi, Mia Fey from Ace Attorney [personal profile] ethereallawyer, and Severus Snape [personal profile] slytherinslie who I pulled from just after Lily's death. I had such a good run with them and I think this was also when I played Molly Weasley [ profile] sendshowlers. I also had Starfire from Teen Titans [ profile] koriandrtamaran. My last round here was with Deathly Hallows-era Snape [personal profile] occlumencing and Normandy-era Helen Magnus [personal profile] absolutelynot.

I have absolutely always loved Eway and I stalk everything, for serious. Also, if you guys have ever seen Alice and heard about how she lost her eyes? That was the only trial Mia Fey ever lost.

W H O O P S it was amazing ngl

Anyway, I'm hanging around plurk at [ profile] sixflights so feel free to say hi. Just let me know who you are XD
mourning_ghost: (reading)

[personal profile] mourning_ghost 2016-09-03 12:19 am (UTC)(link)
Hello! I joined Eway the April before last with Nageki. I was looking up Hatoful stuff and somehow stumbled across Paradisa. I thought it looked cool and (because Paradisa was closed), once I knew what that kind of roleplay was called, started looking up similar things. An Iwamine Shuu had been here a while ago, which lead to me discovering Eway and deciding that I wanted to play here.

Funnily enough, Nageki was originally only supposed to be here two months, enough time to learn the ropes and prove to myself I could do it, before I dropped him and brought in Anghel (different Hatoful character) instead. But when two months were up, I didn't want to switch.

More recently, I've started playing Kay from a webtoon called Estancia.

I don't have a plurk, but I'll respond to PMs to either this account or Kay's ([personal profile] tattooedredheads).
wickedwest: (Nah They Definitely Don't)


[personal profile] wickedwest 2016-09-04 12:22 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, so a couple years ago, our wonderful Regina player showed me Entranceway and tried to enable me into playing here. Because it looked like an amazing game, and I really wanted to app, but I just couldn't find the right character to bring here. And then I ended up picking Zelena up and well, the jury's still out on whether she's the right character for the game, but after two years, I think that one's out of my hands.

But I've had a lot of fun these past two years despite Zelena being antisocial and vaguely threatening all the time. I absolutely love the setting, the mod team's wonderful, the events pulled from player canons is such a cool mechanic (and the metaplot events are always fascinating). And the players, man, you guys are great, every single person I've met and talked to has been super friendly and welcoming, and I've never really felt out of place here, which is a wonderful feeling to have, especially when being a part of such an established game.

I'm happy to have been here for a part of Eway's ten years, and I'm really looking forward to hanging around for as long as can. I hope there's a lot more to come in the future because I'm still trying to get my friends to app, and hopefully someday, I'll succeed.

Currently: Zelena (Once Upon A Time), Jolyne Kujo (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
Contact: [ profile] opticblast
sponsored: (012)


[personal profile] sponsored 2016-09-04 12:34 pm (UTC)(link)

I used to play here at EWay back on the cusp of 2009/2010, when I still went by Eri. I didn't last long because I was still pretty darn new to RP and now that I'm looking back I made a lot of silly mistakes that totally jack-knifed my chances at longevity.

But I actually started with Castiel from Supernatural, added Faith here, and then added Tyra Collette from Friday Night Lights.

EWay was one of my first games! I cut my teeth on plotting (ie Faith killing people and the people they love killing her in return! good times...) and learning canons I'd never heard of (and I'm still doing that today -- thx Gravity Falls and Steven Universe and Life Is Strange casts!). I have fond memories of some of the players that have replied above who were SO KIND and so welcoming! I'm really glad I gave this place another shot last year (blame Christine and Kerry!). I keep telling people that I haven't had this much fun and engagement in a game in a long time, and it's true. Everyone here is still so kind and welcoming that it feels like a true home game. In the five years since I dipped my toes in here, it seems that Wonderland cultivated a lovely playerbase of people willing to go a little extra distance to make playing here fun, and I really appreciate it. The veterans never make newbies feel left out, the newbies become a part of the game quickly and really everything else is just the cherry on top of a delicious and sometimes frightening magical sundae.

Crap now I'm hungry. Anyway!

Koji, Kristen, Mouette-- you are a delight of a mod trio. A trifecta of awesome. Thank you for keeping Wonderland magical and full of possibility. Every time I've come to you guys with a question you've answered it with more excitement and detail that I've received in a lot of other games (and I've played at a LOT of other games). You may yet turn me from a serial game hopper to a Wonderland lifer...

krmvgivv: (he woke with a start)


[personal profile] krmvgivv 2016-09-04 03:37 pm (UTC)(link)
TEN YEARS HOT DAMN. I've only been here for I guess 2 and a half? with a break for a few months. But I am SO GLAD I STAYED. This has become a forever home game and you can't get rid of me now JUST TRY. Back when I first showed up I had Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but after a few months I left. Then a little while later, I brought Hook back and I AM SO GLAD I DID. I had a revolving host of other characters that included October Daye from the series of the same name, George Mason from Newsflesh, Carol Danvers from Marvel comics, Deadpool from the Deadpool movie, Dipper Pines (still here!) from Gravity Falls, Beatrice from Over the Garden Wall, Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time, Pidge (still here!) from Voltron, and probably others that I'm forgetting cause holy shit I guess I have a problem. Anyway. I love this game. I love all the players. I love how willing everyone is to embrace obscure canons and how medium divide is a total joke. It is truly the Hufflepuff of games and it makes me so happy to be a part of it.

Also we got puzzles for its birthday party how great is that?

interpersonal: (oh em gee.)

[personal profile] interpersonal 2016-09-05 07:51 am (UTC)(link)
the hufflepuff of games

that is the most accurate and concise description of eway i've ever read

(no subject)

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[personal profile] dustinthesolarwind 2016-09-05 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
Hey there. Legion's RPer dragged me here and it looks like a great place! I haven't done journal style things in ages but I'd like to get back to it.

For the fourth wall event I'll be playing the character I'm actually thinking about apping--grumpy necromancer Johannes Cabal. For the heck of it I'll also be doubling Tali'Zorah and Bill Cipher, since they're my other main muses.

Hit me up if you're interested in running into any of them.

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